How do I get my database of Questions into QuizNightChief ?

You can enter your own questions into the QuizNightChief library or into a particular Quiz.

The advantage of loading questions into the library rather than a quiz directly is that the questions will then be permanently available in QuizNight Chief. You will be able to use them in future Quiz / Trivia nights.

The easiest way to add your questions into QuizNightChief is to use the cut and paste keys.


CNTRL+V = Paste.

See the Screenshots below.

But I have lots of questions!

Currently there is no simple way to load questions into QuizNightChief at one time. The reason for this is that people store questions in many different formats in many different applications. For example some people store their questions in text, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or a database.

If you have a lot of questions you would like to get into QuizNightChief without going through the work of copy and pasting them all in please contact us at!

We would be happy to investigate and see if we can help.

    Screenshots (Click Image To Enlarge)