Running a School Fundraising Quiz Night

A quiz night can be a lot of fun for your school community and even a small enterance fee can raise a significant amount of money.

Organising a quiz night for the first time can be a little stressful however. It doesn't need to be, with a little guidance and planning your quiz night will go off without a hitch and be a great night for all.

Flowchart (Click to enlarge)

Below is a diagram of the main quiz night process. Essentially you hand out answer sheets to all the teams, read out all the questions for a round, collect up the answer sheets and then repeat the process for the next round.

Creating Questions

Good questions are the core of a good quiz night. Good questions are challenging but not impossible and lead a team into discussion. A good question is one that you can think about and ponder rather than immediately knowing whether you know the answer or not.

Suppose I asked what the capital of Sierra Leone was ? It's likely that within a few seconds a team would either have written down the answer or be looking at each other blankly and accepting that no-one knew.

If I asked you to rank from acording to population size from greatest to smallest, Sierra Leono, Spain, Canada and Australia it's unlikely anyone would be able to jot down the answer without thinking. It's likely that even teams who didn't know the answer for sure would be able to discuss it and come up with a guesstimate.

The key point is, Good questions encourage teams to discuss. When you see all the teams hunched over the table whispering you know you have a good q question.

Multiple choice questions should be the backbone of your quiz. People love to compare and contrast. Multiple choice questions allow you to rule out as well as rule in.

Topical or local questions are especially interesting, so make sure you throw in a few. And by topical or local I don't mean "Who won the oscar for best picture this year", I mean "Assistant principal Lenore drives what type of car ? Is it a Mazda, Ford, Hyundai or Ferrari ?". You probably don't want too many of these sort of very local questions, but throwing in a couple is a good idea.

We offer some Free Questions you can use.

You can find some more information on creating great questions, including some Novelty Games you can play here.

A Trial Run

If this is the first quiz night you have organized it is well worth having a trial run. Get some friends and family together and run through your questions.

This will help you see the kinks in your process. Is it taking too long to score the answer sheets ? Are the questions too hard or too easy ? The only way to find out is to give it a go.

Let us know at if you have any specific questions about running your quiz night.