Trivia Night Checklist

This list will help you make sure you have all the required information and items required for your Trivia Night. (PDF version for printing)

Posters to let people know about the trivia Night
Free trivia night posters here
For the MC (Mic controller, person reading out the questions)
A 'running sheet' / 'schedule' saying how many rounds there are, when the breaks are, what is happening when.
List of Questions for MC to read out, grouped in to rounds
List of sponsors and reminders to read out ("turn off mobile phones" etc)
List of answers, 1 copy for the MC, 1 copy per scorer
For the Teams
Multiple pens/pencils per team
1 blank answer sheet per team per round and a couple of spares
Team Prizes (for first, second and third and perhaps last place :) )
For the person collecting entrance fees
A sheet of paper and pen allowing them to record team names and whether they have paid
For the Scorers
If you aren't using Trivia Night Software to score, a grid of teams vs rounds allowing the scorers to record scores
1 pens/pencils per scorer

For additional information check out this Trivia Night Tutorial