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1980s US TV

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Question Number
The Ewings' massive ranch on the 1978-91 TV series "Dallas" was [-ou-----k].
Answer : Southfork
Question Number
What kind of animal was Jonathan and Jennifer Hart's pet Freeway on the 1979-84 TV series "Hart To Hart" ... ?
Option : Cat
Option : Python
Option : Pot-bellied pig
Option : Dog
Answer : Dog
Question Number
Catherine Bach's character name in the 1979-85 TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard," Daisy Duke, became synonymous in its plural form with what ... ?
Option : Short shorts
Option : Rubber gloves
Option : Rubber boots
Option : Sweater and matching scarf
Answer : Short shorts
Question Number
The 1979-86 TV series "Trapper John, M.D." was a spin-off from the 1970s drama series "Emergency!"
Option : TRUE
Option : FALSE
Answer : FALSE
Question Number
What was "Hannibal" Smith's catchphrase on the 1980s TV series "The A-Team" ... ?
Option : I know nothing!
Option : I love it when a plan comes together
Option : I just can't help myself
Option : I'm with you, boy
Answer : I love it when a plan comes together
Question Number
What was the last name of the main family on the 1982-89 TV series "Family Ties" ... ?
Option : Farmer
Option : Edwards
Option : Keaton
Option : Baxter
Answer : Keaton
Question Number
Alec Baldwin had a recurring role as Joshua Rush on which night-time soap in the mid-1980s ... ?
Option : Knots Landing
Option : Dynasty
Option : Falcon Crest
Option : The Colbys
Answer : Knots Landing
Question Number
Joanna Kerns' character Maggie Seaver was a [---rna----] on the 1985-92 TV series "Growing Pains."
Answer : Journalist
Question Number
The acronym "KITT" for the computerized Pontiac Trans Am on the 1980s TV series "Knight Rider" stood for "Knight Industries Two Thousand."
Option : TRUE
Option : FALSE
Answer : TRUE
Question Number
What was the nickname of Don Johnson's character James Crockett on the 1980s series "Miami Vice" ... ?
Option : Killer
Option : Sonny
Option : Big J
Option : The C Man
Answer : Sonny

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