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90s Film Quiz Questions

Here are some quiz questions and answers you can use in your quiz or trivia night.

Question Number
In the 1999 film "Fight Club," Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden says, "Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is" what ... ?
Option : Blood is never optional
Option : You do not talk about Fight Club
Option : You come to Fight Club every night
Option : Always wear a mouth guard
Answer : You do not talk about Fight Club
Question Number
Al Pacino is a former US Marine who takes over a rundown perfume store in Paris in the 1992 film "Scent Of A Woman."
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : False
Question Number
The 1994 film "Quiz Show" is about a real scandal in the late-1950s that occurred on which US quiz show ... ?
Option : Match Game
Option : Jeopardy!
Option : To Tell The Truth
Option : Twenty-One
Answer : Twenty-One
Question Number
Who won the best actor Oscar for his role in the 1996 film "Shine" ... ? [------ey R---]
Answer : Geoffrey Rush
Question Number
Where is Forrest Gump when he tells strangers his life story in the 1994 film "Forrest Gump" ... ?
Option : In a department store elevator
Option : Sitting on a park bench
Option : On a ship crossing the Atlantic
Option : Sitting in a movie theatre
Answer : Sitting on a park bench
Question Number
Annie Wilkes professes to be Paul Sheldon's so-called "[----er --- f--]" in the 1990 film "Misery."
Answer : Number one fan
Question Number
The 1993 film "Point Of No Return" is a remake of the 1990 French film "La Femme Nikita."
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : True
Question Number
Who is NOT brought in as one of the suspects in the 1995 film "The Usual Suspects" ... ?
Option : Stephen Baldwin
Option : Benicio del Toro
Option : Nicolas Cage
Option : Gabriel Byrne
Answer : Nicolas Cage
Question Number
Where do the people in John Malkovich's head get spit out after their 15 minute visits in the 1999 film "Being John Malkovich" ... ?
Option : Near the New Jersey Turnpike
Option : Near the Taj Mahal
Option : In the Grand Canyon
Option : On the London Eye
Answer : Near the New Jersey Turnpike
Question Number
Barry Levinson directed the 1991 Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon film "Thelma & Louise."
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : False

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