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10 Quiz Questions on Australia Adelaide Sporting Teams

Here are 10 Australia Adelaide Sporting Teams Questions that are provided for your Quiz or Trivia Night at no cost. Scroll to the bottom to see the answers.

Question Number

After 2010, the Port Adelaide Power got rid of its Most Improved Player and Best First Year Award, replacing it with the Coaches Award for "the player who best exhibits the team behaviors of selflessness, humility and reliability." Who won the inaugural award in 2011 ?

 Robert Gray
 Chad Cornes
 Tom Logan
 Jackson Trengove

Question Number

Under new coach Malcolm Blight, the Adelaide Crows stunned the Australian Football League by winning consecutive Grand Finals in what years ? [19-- and 19--]

Question Number

In hopes that he would score his 1,000th goal with the team, Adelaide United signed what Brazilian player for just four games in November of 2006 ? [Romario de Souza F----]

Question Number

What player was named the first captain of the Aldelaide United's women's club for their opening match on 25 October 2008 ?

 Sharon Black
 Dianne Alagich
 Rachael Quigley
 Sandra Scalzi

Question Number

The 2004 season is often considered the greatest in the history of the Port Adelaide Football Club. The road to a Grand Final win included a defeat of cross-town rivals, the Adelaide Crows, for the Minor Premiership. Star Warren Tredrea collected collecting twenty-one disposals, eleven marks, four goals over which Crows opponent ?

 Graham Johncock
 Andy Otten
 Luke Thompson
 Ben Rutten

Question Number

Who is the tallest player ever to start for the 36ers ?

 Luke Schenscher
 Daniel Johnson
 Mark Davis
 Robert Rose

Question Number

All of the following Crows legends began their careers with the South Adelaide Panthers in the SANFL except which one ?

 Simon Goodwin
 Ben Hart
 Nigel Smart
 Mark Bickley

Question Number

Which South Australian Redbacks player set the team record for most runs in a single season in 1970/71 ?

 Barry Richards
 Darren Lehmann
 David Hookes
 Greg Blewett

Question Number

Making a departure from a long tradition of hiring locally, Adelaide United appointed which man its first international club manager at the start of the 2010-2011 season ?

 Frantisek Straka
 Vant Schip
 Aurelio Vidmar
 Rini Coolen

Question Number

Who is the only Redbacks player in the 2011 season to have played for a foriegn national team ?

 Aiden Blizzard
 James Smith
 Peter Geroge
 Tom Cooper

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