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11 Quiz Questions on Australia at war

Here are 11 Australia at war Questions that are provided for your Quiz or Trivia Night at no cost. Scroll to the bottom to see the answers.

Question Number

What was the name of the military force, formed with Australian volunteers, which took part in the World War One?

Australian Squadron
Royal Troop of Australia
Australian Imperial Force
Aussie Battalion

Question Number

What military conflict was the most costly for Australia in terms of human losses ... ?

World War One
World War Two
Vietnam War
Japanese War

Question Number

How many lives of Australians were lost during the World War Two ... ?

About 10 000
About 20 000
About 40 000
About 75 000
About 100 000

Question Number

For how many years did Australia participate in the Vietnam War ... ?

3 years
4 years
6 years
10 years

Question Number

Against the troops of what country did the Australians have their first battle in World War One ... ?


Question Number

The Battle for Australia took place between 1940 and 1945. What enemies did Australia have to fight against during this series of military actions ... ?

All Three

Question Number

In what year did Australia declare war on Germany and enter the World War Two ... ?


Question Number

For Australia the Vietnam War was $ ?

the most costly military conflict
the longest military conflict
the shortest military conflict
the most financiall costly military conflict

Question Number

What was the code name for the Australian military operation during the invasion of Iraq in 2003 ... ?

Desert Storm

Question Number

In what region did Australians fight during the early years of the World War Two ... ?

Eastern Europe
Western Europe
Mediterranean and Middle East
Soviet Union

Question Number

In 2010 how many Australian soldiers participated in the Afghanistan war ... ?

about 750 soldiers
about 1550 soldiers
about 15 000 soldiers
about 60 000 soldiers

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