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8 Quiz Questions on Australian Army

Here are 8 Australian Army Questions that are provided for your Quiz or Trivia Night at no cost. Scroll to the bottom to see the answers.

Question Number

As at 2010 the number of people in the regular (not reserve) Australian Army was ... ?

About 17,000
About 27,000
About 37,000
About 57,000

Question Number

Complete the names of these barracks S----- Barracks K------ Barracks I---- Barracks

Question Number

Operation Kruger was based in which country ... ?

East Timor

Question Number

What is an AJ ?

Army Justice (Lawyer)
A Helicopter
An Armoured Vehicle
An Army Jerk

Question Number

The operational range of a Bushmaster is about ... ?

400 km
800 km
1200 km
1600 km

Question Number

The Tiger ARH helicopter is manufactured by ... ?


Question Number

Whose mascot is a Sand goanna (Varanus Panoptes) ?

8th/12th Medium Regiment
5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment
1st Combat Engineer Regiment
1st Armoured Regiment

Question Number

In 1979 Graham Kennedy starred in which movie about the Australian Army ? [The --- ----- ----]

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