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11 Quiz Questions on Australian Painters

Here are 11 Australian Painters Questions that are provided for your Quiz or Trivia Night at no cost. Scroll to the bottom to see the answers.

Question Number

What was the first significant art movement in Australia ... ?

The Heidelberg School
The Dali School
The Darwin School
Royal Art Club of Australia

Question Number

What Australian city became a cradle of modernism movement in Australia ... ?


Question Number

Frederick McCubbin is usually mentioned as the most impressionistic among the Australia-born painters. What is the most known work of this painter ... ?

The Bush
The Death Of A Pirate
Bird On The Tree

Question Number

What artist is believed to form the foundation of the Australian style of painting ... ?

John Eyre
John Glover
Cossington Smith
Margaret Preston

Question Number

One of the Australian painters described his work as "a confused mix of landscape, animals, and Aboriginal culture, with a kind of Bible overtone. Who was that painter ... ?

Arthur Boyd
Margaret Preston
John Olsen
Sidney Nolan

Question Number

Initially hat was the major source of inspiration for the first painters, who arrived from Europe to colonial Australia ... ?

Aboriginal people
Landscapes and nature
Ancient rock paintings

Question Number

What is the name of a modern Australian artist, who used to scrape back the black oil and wax from her paintings to reveal the underlying image ... ?

Lindy Lee
Margaret Preston
Michael Johnson
Richard Larter

Question Number

Papunya Tula was an example of the art movement in contemporary Australian painting. Who participated in this movement ... ?

Aboriginal people

Question Number

Which of these painting are by Russel Drysdale ?

None are
They all are
Man Riding a Paper
The Ruins
The Deserted Town Hall

Question Number

Michael Johnson represents a new generation of abstractionists in Australia. What specific technique did he often use on his paintings ... ?

Crochet elements
Three-dimensional elements
Photographic inserts
Sand painting

Question Number

Richard Larter is often regarded as the grandfather of Pop art in Australia. What did Larter use instead of a brush for making his masterpieces ... ?

Wooden sticks
Wool pads
Hypodermic Syringe

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