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12 Quiz Questions on Australian Science

Here are 12 Australian Science Questions that are provided for your Quiz or Trivia Night at no cost. Scroll to the bottom to see the answers.

Question Number

Professor Elizabeth Blackburn became the first Australian woman to receive a Nobel Prize. In what field of science did Professor Blackburn achieve such a significant success ... ?

Australian aboriginal art

Question Number

The youngest Nobel Prize winner was an Australian scientist, whose name was ?

Patrick White
John Eccles
William Bragg
Lawrence Bragg

Question Number

In 2010 he Australian science organization the CSIRO entered into a patent battle against major IT companies for the unauthorized use of their invention, what was it ... ?

Wi-Fi technology
Windows 7 operating system
LCD screens
3-D screens

Question Number

By 2010 how many Nobel Prizes were awarded to Australians ... ?


Question Number

Barry Marshall received a Nobel Prize in 2005 for his discovery in medicine. What actually did he discover ... ?

The cause of allergic reactions
The cause of ulcers and gastritis
The cause of male pattern baldness
The treatment for asthma

Question Number

In 2009 Australian scientists discovered the most complete skeleton of an ancient animal and called it Australovenator. What was this animal ... ?

Plant-eating dinosaur
Meat-eating dinosaur
Flying dinosaur
Ancient fish

Question Number

Australian science research agency CSIRO developed a specific Australian diet, which is called to prevent major health risks, such as hypertension and overweight. Whats its name ... ?

Atkins diet
Australian diet
Total Wellbeing Diet
The South Beach Diet

Question Number

Howard Florey, born in Adelaide, made a discovery, which subsequently saved millions of lives around the world. What did he discover ... ?

Bullet Proof Vest
Car seat belt
Motorcycle helmet

Question Number

Most of the Nobel Prizes, awarded to Australians, were given for the scientific works in the field of ?


Question Number

Which of these was not invented in Australia ... ?

Black box flight recorder
Electric drill
Xerox photocopying
Electronic pacemaker
Google Maps
They all were

Question Number

In 1994 Australian scientists from CSIRO agency discovered a new deadly virus, which was called Hendra virus. What was this virus named after ... ?

The name of a horse
The region where the first outbreak occured
The name of discovering researcher
The scientist who discovered the cure

Question Number

This scientist was twice nominated for Nobel Prize in the field of virology, but he actually earned the Prize for his achievements in immunology. What is the name of this scientist ... ?

Frank Burnet
Howard Florey
John Eccles
Patrick White

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