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Barack Obama

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Question Number
Barack Obama is the .... president of the United States ... ?
Option : 38th
Option : 42nd
Option : 44th
Option : 46th
Answer : 44th
Question Number
Complete the names of these two books written by Barack Obama [The A------- of ---e, ----ms from My F-----]
Answer : The Audacity of Hope, Dreams from My Father
Question Number
Michelle Obamas maiden name was ... ?
Option : Robinson
Option : Johnson
Option : Johnstone
Option : Chambers
Answer : Robinson
Question Number
In June 2009 Obama delivered a speech calling for a new beginning in relations between the United States and the Islamic world. Where did he deliver the speech ... ?
Option : Riyadh
Option : Tel Aviv
Option : Sharm El Sheikh
Option : Cairo
Answer : Cairo
Question Number
The father of president Barack Obama, Barack Obama senior, was ... ?
Option : a lawyer
Option : a fisherman
Option : a doctor
Option : an economist
Answer : an economist
Question Number
Barack served three terms in the senate of which state ... ?
Answer : Illinois
Question Number
Obamas first supreme court nomination was ... ?
Option : Sanita Sotomayor
Option : Sara Silverman
Option : Sonia Sotomayor
Option : Sonia Seymour
Answer : Sonia Sotomayor
Question Number
During his youth what name did Barack Obama go by ... ? [-----]
Answer : Barry
Question Number
In February 2009 Obama ... ?s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act injected how much money into the US economy ... ?
Option : 787 million
Option : 7 billion
Option : 78 billion
Option : 787 billion
Answer : 787 billion
Question Number
Complete this Barack Obama slogan [Cha--e w- --- bel---- i-]
Answer : Change we can believe in

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