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7 Quiz Questions on Brentford

Here are 7 Brentford Questions that are provided for your Quiz or Trivia Night at no cost. Scroll to the bottom to see the answers.

Question Number

Brentford Football Club, The Bees, was founded in ... ?


Question Number

The name Breguntford, from an Anglo-Saxon charter dating to 705 AD means ... ?

Axe and River
Bridge and Stream
Ford over the river Brent
New Settlement

Question Number

Brentford is likely to have been the site of a recorded battle between Julius Csar and local king Cassivellaunus in 54 BC. True or False ?


Question Number

The London residence of the Duke of Northumberland is ... ?

Latler Estate
Drupiter Estate
Lattleton House
Syon House

Question Number

Which US president lived for a time in Brentford ?

Abraham Lincoln
John Quincy Adams
Bill Clinton
Jimmy Carter

Question Number

The famous 18th-19th century Brentford family the Hardwicks were famed as ... ?

Highway men

Question Number

Name the Brentford Jacobean manor house built in 1622 that is famed for its fine plasterwork ceilings.

Ruston Estate
Upper Newton House
Boston Manor House
Rawlston House

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