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Celebrity Trivia 1970s

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Question Number
An iconic celebrity poster from the 1970s showed a smiling Farrah Fawcett wearing what ... ?
Option : A firefighter's uniform
Option : A French maid outfit
Option : A red swimsuit
Option : A black tuxedo
Answer : A red swimsuit
Question Number
In the 1970s, celebrity siblings Donny and Marie Osmond were known for stating that Marie was "a little bit [c------]," while Donny was "a little bit rock and roll."
Answer : Country
Question Number
What celebrity supermodel appeared on the cover of the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue in 1970 and 1975 ... ?
Option : Cheryl Tiegs
Option : Cindy Crawford
Option : Iman
Option : Naomi Campbell
Answer : Cheryl Tiegs
Question Number
John Travolta's iconic white suit from the 1970s film "Saturday Night Fever" was bought at auction for $2,000 US in 1978 by movie critic Gene Siskel.
Option : TRUE
Option : FALSE
Answer : TRUE
Question Number
Gary Coleman became famous in the 1970s for which catchphrase from the sitcom "Diff'rent Strokes" ... ?
Option : I know nothing!
Option : What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis ... ?
Option : You gonna gimme lip all day ... ?
Option : Don't be ridiculous!
Answer : What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis ... ?
Question Number
Which of these was NOT a 1970s hit from singer Olivia Newton-John ... ?
Option : Have You Never Been Mellow
Option : If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
Option : Love Has No Pride
Option : I Honestly Love You
Answer : Love Has No Pride
Question Number
After visiting Vietnam in 1972 to denounce US bombings during the Vietnam War, Jane Fonda received what unflattering nickname ... ? [Ha--- Ja--]
Answer : Hanoi Jane
Question Number
Flamboyant celebrity Peter Allen was famous as a songwriter, a performer and for his marriage to which other celebrity that ended in 1974 ... ?
Option : Liza Minnelli
Option : Cher
Option : Barbra Streisand
Option : Debbie Reynolds
Answer : Liza Minnelli
Question Number
On 8th March 1971 at Madison Square Garden, boxer Joe Frazier handed Muhammad Ali his first pro-career loss in a fight dubbed as what ... ?
Option : Titan Tumble
Option : Fight of the Century
Option : Party at the Garden
Option : Crusading Fists
Answer : Fight of the Century
Question Number
In the 1970s, Paul Hogan was a cigarette pitchman in Australia, known for the slogan "Anyhow, have a [W----eld]."
Answer : Winfield

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