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Dinosaur Trivia

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Question Number
The word "dinosaur" comes from the Greek words "deinos" and "sauros," meaning what in English ... ?
Option : Extinct creature
Option : Hard plates
Option : Terrible lizard
Option : Great demon
Answer : Terrible lizard
Question Number
On the 1960s animated TV series "The Flintstones," Dino the dinosaur was a Tyrannosaurus rex that lived in the Flintstones' basement behind a stone door.
Option : TRUE
Option : FALSE
Answer : FALSE
Question Number
The dinosaurs first appeared in which geological time period ... ?
Option : Triassic
Option : Cambrian
Option : Archean
Option : Pleocene
Answer : Triassic
Question Number
In 1842, English scientist [R--h--d O--n] coined the term "Dinosauria."
Answer : Richard Owen
Question Number
In the 1933 film "King Kong," which island is home to the title character and a variety of dinosaurs including the Stegasaurus ... ?
Option : Papillon Island
Option : Skull Island
Option : Easter Island
Option : Kirrin Island
Answer : Skull Island
Question Number
Due in part to the discovery of the fossils of many dinosaur species, Dinosaur Provincial Park in which locale was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979 ... ?
Option : Goa, India
Option : Cumbria, England
Option : Burgundy, France
Option : Alberta, Canada
Answer : Alberta, Canada
Question Number
The Brachiosaur was a dinosaur built like a huge version of which animal ... ?
Option : Crocodile
Option : Shark
Option : Giraffe
Option : Bear
Answer : Giraffe
Question Number
In North American basketball, the logo of the Toronto-based National Basketball Association team features a carnivorous dinosaur dribbling a basketball.
Option : TRUE
Option : FALSE
Answer : TRUE
Question Number
Which of the following scientists would most likely study dinosaur bones or fossils ... ?
Option : Balneologist
Option : Seismologist
Option : Paleontologist
Option : Eschatologist
Answer : Paleontologist
Question Number
On TV's "Barney & Friends," Barney the purple dinosaur sings at the end of his show "I love you, you love me, [we'-- - h---y f----y]."
Answer : We're a happy family

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