Quiz / Trivia Questions on Dolphins

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1. Tuffy, a dolphin trained by the US Navy preformed the deepest dive recorded by a bottlenose dolphin. How deep did he go ?


2. Which Whale is actually a dolphin ?

3. The fastest dolphins can reach swimming speeds of ... ?

up to 55 km/h
up to 32 km/h
up to 27 km/h
up to 99 km/h

4. How many species of ocean dolphins are there ?


5. Which is the most common species of dolphin ?

Striped Dolphin
Rough Toothed Dolphin
Hourglass Dolphin
Black Dolphin
Irrawaddy Dolphin
Bottlenose Dolphin

6. What is the tail fin of a dolphin called?


7. Dolphin Calves suckle their mother for how long ?

Over 2 years
Up to 18 months
3-6 months
They never suckle

8. What is the collective noun for dolphins ?

9. What is the largest dolphin species ?

10. Which of these is not a type of dolphin ?

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
Dusky Dolphin
Clymene Dolphin
Redstone Dolphin

11. What is the maximum age range for a bottlenose dolphin ?

20-30 years
30-40 years
50-60 years

12. The weight range for an adult bottlenose dolphin is ... ?

30-120 kilograms
100-200 kilograms
50-90 kilograms
150-650 kilograms

13. What other member of the Whale family is often confused with dolphns ?

14. Mitzi, perhaps the worlds most famous dolphin played what character on Television ?

15. Dolphins are mammals, mammals have hair, so dolphins have hair ?

Yes, a light covering all over
No, they have no hair
They have hair on their fins
They are born with a little hair on the lips

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