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Easy UK Geography

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Question Number
The seaport of Dover, England is famous for its [wh--e cli--s].
Answer : White cliffs
Question Number
Which imaginary line runs through Greenwich, a borough of London, England ... ?
Option : Prime meridian
Option : Arctic circle
Option : Tropic of Cancer
Option : Tropic of Capricorn
Answer : Prime meridian
Question Number
The Manx pound is the local currency on the Isle of Man, a UK crown dependency.
Option : TRUE
Option : FALSE
Answer : TRUE
Question Number
England's River Thames empties into which body of water ... ?
Option : North Sea
Option : Barents Sea
Option : Bay of Biscay
Option : Gulf of Bothnia
Answer : North Sea
Question Number
The ruins of the Roman-built [Ha---an's] Wall can be seen between Wallsend on the River Tyne and Bowness on the Solway Firth in northern Britain.
Answer : Hadrian's
Question Number
Which of these island groups lies 210 kms north of mainland Scotland ... ?
Option : Azores
Option : Canary Islands
Option : Shetland Islands
Option : Frisian Islands
Answer : Shetland Islands
Question Number
The name of what town in England is in the title of a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta involving raiders of sea-going vessels ... ?
Option : Leeds
Option : Sheffield
Option : Penzance
Option : Nottingham
Answer : Penzance
Question Number
The [E--otun--l] is a railway tunnel that runs under the English Channel between England and France.
Answer : Eurotunnel
Question Number
The flag of Scotland is made up of a black set of bagpipes in the centre of a red outline of Scotland.
Option : TRUE
Option : FALSE
Answer : FALSE
Question Number
The title of the Hugh Grant film "Notting Hill" refers to the area in West London where Grant's character owns what business ... ?
Option : Bookstore
Option : Shoe repair shop
Option : Ice cream parlour
Option : Musical instrument store
Answer : Bookstore

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