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Question Number
How many boroughs does London have ... ?
Option : 10
Option : 36
Option : 32
Option : 29
Answer : 32
Question Number
The Tower of London is a historic monument in London. The phrase ""sent to the Tower"" means the person was...
Option : Welcomed by the Royal Family
Option : Punished by cleaning the Tower
Option : Imprisoned
Option : None of the above
Answer : Imprisoned
Question Number
London hosts the 2012 Olympics ... ?
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : True
Question Number
What is the name of the police force that is overseen by the Metropolitan Police Authority that polices Greater London ... ?
Option : Metropolitan Police force
Option : City of London Plice
Option : London Police Force
Option : none of the above
Answer : Metropolitan Police force
Question Number
In the United States it's the subway. In London it's the ... ? [-----------]
Answer : underground
Question Number
Which airport is located within the Borough of Hillingdon ... ?
Option : Stansted Airport
Option : Heathrow Airport
Option : London Gatwick Airport
Option : London City Airport
Answer : Heathrow Airport
Question Number
What is the name of historic core of London also known as ""The Square Mile"" ... ?
Option : London Medieval
Option : City of London
Option : Loidus
Option : none of the above
Answer : City of London
Question Number
What is the official residence of the British Prime Minister, which is located in London ... ?
Option : 2 Baker Street
Option : 7 Hyde Street
Option : 10 Downing Street
Option : none of the above
Answer : 10 Downing Street
Question Number
What is the motto of the London School of Economics and Political Science ... ?
Option : To Understand the Causes of Things
Option : Light in the Lord
Option : Preserve the Culture
Option : none of the above
Answer : To Understand the Causes of Things
Question Number
How many shops are there in Oxford Street, also known as Europe's busiest shopping street ... ?
Option : 654
Option : 548
Option : 369
Option : 476
Answer : 548

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