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10 Quiz Questions on New Zealand Music 1980s

Here are 10 New Zealand Music 1980s Questions that are provided for your Quiz or Trivia Night at no cost. Scroll to the bottom to see the answers.

Question Number

In 1981 Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate formed which rock band that went on to release numeroud indie albums during the 80s.

Sleeping Tonies
Leaning Mondays
Rising Winds
Tall Dwarfs

Question Number

We are a guitar and keyboard based band who were a leading proponent of the Dunedin Sound. We were formed in 1980 and released albums such as Submarine Bells, Brave Words and Kaleidoscope Worlds.

The Heat
The Tame
The Time
The Chills

Question Number

Which band released the album True Colours in 1980 ?

Question Number

Name the independent record label formed in 1981 Christchurch by music-store operator Roger Shepherd.

Flying Nun Records
The Hound Records
Rollin Record
R and J New Zealand Records

Question Number

The 3Ds, formed in Dunedin in 1988 took their name from ... ?

The first letter of each band members name
The recently released video arcade systems
The code of the New Zealand unemployment form
None of the above

Question Number

Neil Finns christened first name is ... ?


Question Number

During the early 80s The Chills, The Verlaines, Sneaky Feelings, The Bats and The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience were exponents of what musical style ?


Question Number

Neil Finns middle name is ... ?


Question Number

Who did Neil Finn replace in his brother Tim Finns band, Split Enz.

Phil Judd
Phil Gould
Phil Jefferey
Fiona Harris

Question Number

In 1987 Crowded House made it to what number on the US singles chart with Don't Dream Its Over ?


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