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Olympic Sports Equipment Quiz Questions

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Question Number
Miniature Mini Coopers were used during the 2012 Summer Olympic field events to return the thrown javelins, discuses, shot put shots and hammers to the competitors.
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : True
Question Number
The 2012 Olympic pentathletes used [l---- p------] for shooting during the modern pentathlon.
Answer : Laser pistols
Question Number
In Olympic archery, where would you find the fletching ... ?
Option : On the top of a bow
Option : On the back of an arrow
Option : On a bow string
Option : On the target
Answer : On the back of an arrow
Question Number
A gymnast in Olympic rhythmic gymnastics uses two of which piece of equipment when performing her routine ... ?
Option : Hoop
Option : Ribbon
Option : Ball
Option : Club
Answer : Club
Question Number
Sir Chris Hoy won the men's keirin in track cycling at the 2012 Summer Olympics riding a bike that he bought at a London bike shop for the equivalent of $287 Australian dollars.
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : False
Question Number
In Olympic boxing, one boxer's gloves, headgear and uniform are always red, while his or her opponent's are always which colour ... ?
Option : Yellow
Option : Black
Option : Blue
Option : Green
Answer : Blue
Question Number
A parallel [-x--] is an Olympic equestrian jumping obstacle consisting of a front and back rail of the same height, set wide apart.
Answer : Oxer
Question Number
In the Olympic shot put competition, the shot for both men and women is the same weight at 10 pounds.
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : False
Question Number
Which Olympic sport would use a so-called "cox box" ... ?
Option : Track cycling
Option : Rhythmic gymnastics
Option : High jump
Option : Rowing
Answer : Rowing
Question Number
"The Albert" from Adidas was what piece of official sports equipment used during the 2012 Olympics ... ?
Option : Football
Option : Javelin
Option : Canoe
Option : Tennis racket
Answer : Football

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