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8 Quiz Questions on Parakeets and Budgies

Here are 8 Parakeets and Budgies Questions that are provided for your Quiz or Trivia Night at no cost. Scroll to the bottom to see the answers.

Question Number

Standard type (also known as English or Show) budgerigars are how much bigger than budgerigars found in the wild ?

twice the size
four times the size
the same size

Question Number

A Budgies Cere is ... ?

on its feet
on its wing
in its eye
on its beak

Question Number

Which of the following are not alternative names for the common domesticated Parakeet / budgie ? , , , , ,

Shell Parrot
Warbling Grass parakeet
Canary Parrot
Zebra parrot
Flight Bird
Black Wing Parrot
Scallop Parrot

Question Number

How long do budgerigar eggs take to hatch ?

5-8 days
1820 days
25-35 days
40-50 days

Question Number

The parakeets conservation status is ... ?

Critically Endangered
Conservation Dependent
Least Concern

Question Number

Are male or female budgerigars condsidered the best talkers ?

neither, they are the same

Question Number

The human eye can register about 16 images per second. How many can a budgies eye register ?


Question Number

A budgie called Puck holds the world record for the largest vocabulary of any bird, at how many words ?


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