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Quiz About Alaska

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Question Number
Alaska shares a border with which Canadian province ... ?
Option : Alberta
Option : Manitoba
Option : Ontario
Option : British Columbia
Answer : British Columbia
Question Number
Which island group stretches from the tip of the Alaskan peninsula to Alaska's Attu Island ... ?
Option : Azores
Option : Aleutians
Option : Hebrides
Option : Queen Charlottes
Answer : Aleutians
Question Number
In the 1999 film "Mystery, Alaska," a pro sports team goes to Mystery, Alaska to compete against a local sports team in which sport ... ?
Option : Ice hockey
Option : Curling
Option : Basketball
Option : American football
Answer : Ice hockey
Question Number
The deal the Americans made to purchase Alaska from the Russians in 1867 was known by its critics as "[S-----'s F---y]."
Answer : Seward's Folly
Question Number
The Alaskan gold rush began in 1849 when a Russian mining engineer discovered gold on the [K----] Peninsula.
Answer : Kenai
Question Number
Which species of bear shares its name with the Alaskan island that is also its habitat ... ?
Option : Carter
Option : Sun
Option : Ozark
Option : Kodiak
Answer : Kodiak
Question Number
North America's highest mountain, Mount McKinley in south-central Alaska, is also known by what name ... ?
Option : Elbert
Option : Denali
Option : Shasta
Option : Jarvis
Answer : Denali
Question Number
The 1990s TV series "Northern Exposure" was set in which fictional Alaskan town ... ?
Option : Cabot Cove
Option : Sunnydale
Option : Cicely
Option : Mayberry
Answer : Cicely
Question Number
The flag of Alaska features the North Star Polaris and which constellation on a blue background ... ?
Option : Andromeda
Option : Canis Minor
Option : Ursa Major
Option : Virgo
Answer : Ursa Major
Question Number
On 24th March 1989, which tanker caused a massive oil spill in Alaska's Prince William Sound ... ?
Option : Exxon Valdez
Option : Berge Empress
Option : Oasis of the Seas
Option : Pierre Guillaumat
Answer : Exxon Valdez

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