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12 Quiz Questions on South Australia History

Here are 12 South Australia History Questions that are provided for your Quiz or Trivia Night at no cost. Scroll to the bottom to see the answers.

Question Number

When was the first woman elected to office in South Australia ?


Question Number

William Light, surveyor and founder of Adelaide, died in the city he founded. How long did he live in Adelaide before succumbing to tuberculosis ?

 About six months
 About two years
 About five years
 About ten years

Question Number

South Australia was the first colony in Australia, and one of the first in the world to recognize the right of all women to vote. A Constitution Amendment Act changed the wording describing who could vote from 'man' to 'person', When was this act passed ?


Question Number

Because of financial constraints, the Parliament House in Adelaide was constructed in stages over the span of 65 years. The final stage was funded by a gift from wealthy philanthropist John Langdon Bonython. How did he earn his money ?


Question Number

One of the founding fathers of South Australia, Colonel Robert Torrens, was born in...

 Northern Ireland

Question Number

Which of the following buildings was *not* designed by famous Adelaide architect Edmund William Wright ?

 Adelaide Town Hall
 Parliament House
 General Post Office
 Martindale Hall

Question Number

Which of these describes Adelaide founder and surveyor Colonel William Light at the end of his life ?

 Penniless and dejected
 Moderately successful surveyor
 Respected town elder
 Prosperous entrepreneur

Question Number

The River Torrens was originally used by Adelaide as a sewer and a source of drinking water. This caused an outbreak of typhus and...

 Small pox

Question Number

The settlement at Kangaroo Island was abandoned and relocated because of the lack of ...

 Fresh water
 Fertile soil
 Safe harbor
 Stable earth

Question Number

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Colonel William Light's father founded Georgetown, Penang, for what famous shipping, exploration and importing company ? [E--- I---- T------ C------]

Question Number

The Colonization Commissioners gave Colonel William Light a Letter of Instructions listing criteria for selecting a site for the founding city of South Australia. Which of following was *not* one those criteria ?

 Safe harbour, accessible year-round
 Nearby fertile land
 Adundant fresh water
 A mountain barrier from southerly artic winds

Question Number

Adelaide was inhabited by the Kaurna tribe before European settlers arrived. The Kaurna name for where the city center of Adelaide now sits is Tarndanya, which means ...

 Male red kangaroo rock
 Cold snow wind
 Trees grow tall
 Edge between land and sea

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