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Question Number
Daredevil, aka Matt Murdock, is a superhero with what physical challenge ... ?
Option : He is blind
Option : He has only one hand
Option : He cannot hear
Option : He only has one leg
Answer : He is blind
Question Number
In the history of the superhero Wolverine, the indestructible element [---ma--ium] was bonded to his skeleton.
Answer : Adamantium
Question Number
Uncle Ben, Spider-Man's uncle, said to the superhero "with great power comes great" what ... ?
Option : Fame
Option : Responsibility
Option : Reward
Option : Happiness
Answer : Responsibility
Question Number
Besides Jerry Siegel, who created the Superman character in the 1930s ... ?
Option : Joseph Shuster
Option : Todd McFarlane
Option : Stan Lee
Option : Bob Kane
Question Number
Thor's favourite weapon is a hammer named "[M--ln-r]."
Answer : Mjolnir
Question Number
Who is NOT one of the Fantastic Four superheroes in the 2005 film "The Fantastic Four" ... ?
Option : The Invisible Girl
Option : The Human Torch
Option : The Punisher
Option : The Thing
Answer : The Punisher
Question Number
In the "Green Lantern" comics, the Guardians of the Universe work on the planet Bajor to protect the cosmos.
Option : TRUE
Option : FALSE
Answer : FALSE
Question Number
Which Batman villain did Arnold Schwarzenegger play in the 1997 film "Batman & Robin" ... ?
Option : Mr. Freeze
Option : Scarecrow
Option : Two-Face
Option : Dr. Doom
Answer : Mr. Freeze
Question Number
Tony Stark is the real name of superhero Captain America.
Option : TRUE
Option : FALSE
Answer : FALSE
Question Number
When Billy Batson says which word, he turns into superhero Captain Marvel ... ?
Option : Beshuma
Option : Shazam
Option : Morata
Option : Cunogo
Answer : Shazam

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