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True Blood

Here are some quiz questions and answers you can use in your quiz or trivia night.

Question Number
Reverend Steve Newlin runs a Dallas based church group called ... ?
Option : Fellowship of the Sun
Option : Fellowship of brothers
Option : Followers of the Sun
Option : Followers of the light
Answer : Fellowship of the Sun
Question Number
What is the name of the town in Louisiana where True Blood is set ... ?
Answer : Bon Temps
Question Number
Who wrote the Sookie Stackhouse novels which the TV series True Blood is based on ... ?
Answer : Charlaine Harris
Question Number
Sookie Stackhouse has what special ability ... ?
Option : She can see the future
Option : She can read minds
Option : She is a shapeshifter
Option : She can move objects with her mind
Answer : She can read minds
Question Number
Which True Blood actor has an academy award ... ?
Option : Stephen Moyer
Option : Ryan Kwanten
Option : Anna Paquin
Option : Alexander Starsgard
Answer : Anna Paquin
Question Number
The actor who plays Pam is called Carrie Preston. True or false ... ?
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : False
Question Number
Who is Bill's maker ... ?
Option : Lorena
Option : Isabel
Option : Daphne
Option : Jessica
Answer : Lorena
Question Number
Who is the creator and producer of the HBO True Blood series ... ? [A--- ----]
Answer : ""Alan Ball
Question Number
What nationality is Ryan Kwanten ... ?
Option : American
Option : English
Option : Swedish
Option : Australian
Answer : Australian
Question Number
How old is Godric;
Option : At least 2,000
Option : At least 200
Option : At least 1,000
Option : At least 5,000
Answer : At least 2,000

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