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UK Abbreviations and Acronyms

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Question Number
In computers DDR memory is ... ?
Option : Double Density Reliable
Option : Direct Detection Readable
Option : Designed for Direct Reading
Option : Double Data Rate
Answer : Double Data Rate
Question Number
The religious studies degree BD stand for [Bachelor of --------]
Answer : Bachelor of Divinity
Question Number
On a computer, what would you do with a PNG file ... ?
Option : Look at it
Option : Listen to it
Answer : Look at it
Question Number
A BFA degree is a [Bachelor of ---- ---]
Answer : Bachelor of Fine Art
Question Number
In the Army an ATGW is an [Anti T--- G----- W-----]
Answer : Anti Tank Guided Weapon
Question Number
The professional head of the British Armed forces is CDS. CDS stand for [C---- of the D------ S----]
Answer : Chief of the Defence Staff
Question Number
In the banking world LIBOR stands for [London Interbank O------ R---]
Answer : London Interbank Offered Rate
Question Number
What might you exchange at the LME ... ?
Option : Metals
Option : Money
Option : Mining Stocks
Option : Maps
Answer : Metals
Question Number
If someone sends you a text message saying they are ROFL then they are ... ?
Option : Reading
Option : Hurrying
Option : Laughing
Option : Lost
Answer : Laughing
Question Number
If someone tells you an image is NSFW it is ... ? [N-- s--- f-- w---]
Answer : Not safe for work

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