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UK Abbreviations and Codes

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A tradesman might be CORGI registered. [Council for Registered G-- I---------]
Answer : Council for Registered Gas Installers
Question Number
A member of the Royal Marines would know that BFPO stood for ... ?
Answer : British Forces Post Office
Question Number
What does BUPA stand for ... ? [B------ U----- Provident A----------]
Answer : British United Provident Association
Question Number
If you are driving a DERV you are driving a ... ?
Answer : Deisel Engined Road Vehicle
Question Number
During WW2, what did the abbreviation LDV stand for ... ?
Answer : Local Defence Volunteers
Question Number
Famous for tea, what does NAAFI stand for ... ?
Answer : Navy Army and Air Force Institute
Question Number
Answer : Government Communications HeadQuarters
Question Number
How is a quasi-autonomous national government organisation commonly known ... ? [A Q-----]
Answer : A Quango
Question Number
If someone had FRIBA after their name, what would their profession be ... ?
Answer : An architect
Question Number
If you belonged to the Campaign to Protect Rural England, you might be considered a NIMBY. What does NIMBY stand for ... ?
Answer : Not in my back yard

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