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UK Alcoholic Drinks

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Question Number
In 2010 English and Welsh wine sales made up ... of the wine consumed in the UK.
Option : 1%
Option : 5%
Option : 17%
Option : 38%
Answer : 1%
Question Number
A Porter is a ... ?
Option : Apple based alcoholic cider
Option : Large bottle used to move beer in the 1800s
Option : Small glass for serving Port
Option : A dark colored style of beer
Answer : A dark colored style of beer
Question Number
A beer which using a top-fermenting yeast and pale malt is referred to as a ... ? [---- ---]
Answer : Pale Ale
Question Number
Cask conditioning of Beer in UK public houses was outlawed in 1983 due to health and safety concerns. True or False ... ?
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : False
Question Number
Founded in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland I am a liquor brand first appearing in 1820. I differentiate my offerings by assigning them different colors just as blue, black or gold.
Answer : Johnnie Walker
Question Number
The most renowned traditional English ale hop varieties are ... ?
Option : Knowles and Triggers
Option : Fuggles and Goldings
Option : Rabs and Dots
Option : Topside and Halves
Answer : Fuggles and Goldings
Question Number
Port wine originated in ... ?
Option : France
Option : England
Option : Spain
Option : Portugal
Answer : Portugal
Question Number
The Pinot noir grape is primarily associated with which region of France ... ?
Option : Provence
Option : Brittany
Option : Burgundy
Option : Lorraine
Answer : Burgundy
Question Number
The two main categories of Gin are ... ?
Option : Blended and Pure
Option : Single and Double Distilled
Option : Distilled and Compound
Option : Mixed and Seated
Answer : Distilled and Compound
Question Number
The English word Spirit comes from the Latin spiritus meaning ... ?
Option : Breath
Option : Soul
Option : Victory
Option : Orchard
Answer : Breath

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