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UK Famous Women

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Question Number
What year was famous UK author Jane Austen born ... ?
Option : 1770
Option : 1750
Option : 1775
Option : 1781
Answer : 1775
Question Number
Mary Shelley, born in London, is famous for writing what best-selling novel ... ?
Option : Frankenstein
Option : Dracula
Option : Pride and Prejudice
Option : Jane Eyre
Answer : Frankenstein
Question Number
In which major war did Edith Cavell participate in as a British nurse ... ?
Option : Korean War
Option : World War Two
Option : Americas Revolutionary War
Option : World War One
Answer : World War One
Question Number
Clara Butt was well-known for which talent ... ?
Option : Sewing
Option : Harp-playing
Option : Writing
Option : Singing
Answer : Singing
Question Number
In what year did famous nurse, writer and statistician Florence Nightingale die ... ?
Option : 1910
Option : 1889
Option : 1901
Option : 1893
Answer : 1910
Question Number
What is the name of the award that was established in Princess Diana ... ?s honor after her death in 1997 ... ?
Option : Devotion to Causes Memorial Award
Option : Diana Memorial Award
Option : Princess of Wales Achievement Award
Option : Princess Dianas Legacy Award
Answer : Diana Memorial Award
Question Number
Margaret Thatcher, former UK Prime Minister, was leader of which party ... ?
Option : Labour Party
Option : Conservative Party
Option : English Democrats
Answer : Conservative Party
Question Number
Julie Andrews character in The Sound of Music was in training to be a nun, formally called a postulant, before joining the Von Trapp family as a nanny.
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : True
Question Number
The Bronte Sisters are famous UK writers. Which of these names is NOT the first name of any of the Bronte Sisters ... ?
Option : Sarah
Option : Emily
Option : Anne
Option : Charlotte
Answer : Sarah
Question Number
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, a famous poet, had many of her last poems published shortly after her death. Who saw to it these works were published ... ?
Option : G.B. Hunter, her close friend
Option : Robert Browning, her husband
Option : Edward Barrett, her son
Option : Mary Barrett, her sister
Answer : Robert Browning, her husband

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