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UK Films 1990s

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Question Number
Which 1992 film, tells of the experiences of a member of the IRA and his encounter with a prisoner and her girlfriend. [The C----- ----]
Answer : The Crying Game
Question Number
This 1990 gangster bio pic starred Martin and Gary Kemp as Ron and Reggie. [The -----]
Answer : The Krays
Question Number
In 1993 Kenneth Branagh directed and appeared in a film version of which Shakespeare play ... ?
Option : Much Ado About Nothing
Option : The Tempest
Option : The Merchant of Venice
Option : Twelfth Night
Answer : Much Ado About Nothing
Question Number
Who played James Bond in 1995s GoldenEye ... ?
Answer : Pierce Brosnan
Question Number
Gary Oldman, Tim Roth and Richard Dreyfuss starred in this 1990 film version of a play with the same name. [Rosencrantz & Guildenstern --- ----]
Answer : Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead
Question Number
This 1992 film was based on an E. M. Forster novel, starred Emma Thompson, Anthony Hopkins and Helena Bonham Carter and was set in Edwardian England.
Answer : Howards End
Question Number
Who directed the 1992 film Chaplin ... ?
Option : Kenneth Branagh
Option : Richard Attenborough
Option : Neil Jordan
Option : James Ivory
Answer : Richard Attenborough
Question Number
1995s The Hard Case was the directorial debut of which crime thriller director who went on to direct Sherlock Holmes and marry a music superstar.
Answer : Guy Ritchie
Question Number
Name the 1994 black comedy directed by Danny Boyle that tells the tale of a dead flatmate and suitcase full of cash. [-----ow G----]
Answer : Shallow Grave
Question Number
The 1994 film Backbeat chronicles the early days of ... ?
Option : Iron Maiden
Option : The Rolling Stones
Option : The BBC
Option : None of the above
Answer : None of the above

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