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UK Food

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Question Number
Usually a herring, I am a small fish that has been sliced from head to tail, gutted and salted, pickled or smoked. A breakfast favorite, I am ... ? [-------]
Answer : Kippers
Question Number
I am made from flour, eggs and milk. I am often served with roast beef and potatoes. I am sometimes referred to as Pockets. What am I ... ? [--------- p------]
Answer : Yorkshire pudding
Question Number
I am a small quick bread, originally served in Scotland my popularity has now spread. I am often served with cream and jam. I am a ... ?
Answer : Scone
Question Number
Laverbread is made from ... ?
Option : goats milk and flour
Option : wheat and milk
Option : seaweed
Option : fish and wheat
Answer : seaweed
Question Number
The first fish and chip shop opened in London in ... ?
Option : 1650
Option : 1770
Option : 1800
Option : 1860
Answer : 1860
Question Number
I have a Hindi-Urdu name that was adopted into English. I am a pastry sauce, traditionally prepared with a mortar and pestle. My flavor and ingredients can vary greatly. I am a ... ? [C------]
Answer : Chutney
Question Number
In Scotland you would eat a Cullen Skink with ... ?
Option : a knife and fork
Option : a spoon
Option : your hands
Option : two plates and a skewer
Answer : a spoon
Question Number
The most common type of cheese in the UK is ... ?
Answer : Cheddar
Question Number
A Cornish Fairing is a ... ?
Option : Fish dish
Option : Boiled sweet
Option : Ginger biscuit
Option : Pastie containing rabbit
Answer : Ginger biscuit
Question Number
Partan bree is a ... ?
Option : Cheese
Option : Dessert
Option : Pie
Option : Seafood
Answer : Seafood

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