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UK History 1960s

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Question Number
In 1969 The News of the World was bought by ... ?
Option : Conrad Black
Option : Rupert Murdoch
Option : Ted Turner
Option : Keith Murdoch
Answer : Rupert Murdoch
Question Number
The Mau Mau Uprising ended in 1960. In which country did it occur ... ?
Option : Egypt
Option : Senegal
Option : Kenya
Option : South Africa
Answer : Kenya
Question Number
Name the twin brothers who were arrested in 1965 on suspicion of running a protection racket in London. [The -----]
Answer : The Krays
Question Number
In 1969 The Beatles released the last album they recorded together, it was called ... ?
Option : Abbey Road
Option : Let It Be
Option : With The Beatles
Option : Rubber Soul
Answer : Abbey Road
Question Number
In April 1960 60,000 protestors staged a demonstration in London against ... ?
Option : Apartheid South Africa
Option : Food Rationing
Option : Increased Taxation
Option : Nuclear Weapons
Answer : Nuclear Weapons
Question Number
In which year in the 1960s did the farthing cease to be legal tender ... ? [----]
Answer : 1960
Question Number
In June 1967 Keith Richards is jailed for a year for ... ?
Option : Assault and Affray
Option : Tax Evasion
Option : Contempt of Court
Option : Drug Possession
Answer : Drug Possession
Question Number
The 1964 children's book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was written by which author ... ? A man who is more well known for writing spy thrillers.
Answer : Ian Fleming
Question Number
In 1964 the book A Caribbean Mystery was published, who was the author ... ?
Answer : Agatha Christie
Question Number
The UK developed Ariel 3 was launched in 1967, what was it ... ? [a s--------]
Answer : a satellite

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