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UK History 1970s

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Question Number
1972 saw the West End debut of which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, detailing the life of a historical religious figure. J---- C----- S--------]
Answer : Jesus Christ Superstar
Question Number
In 1979 which former Sex Pistols guitarist was found dead in New York as a result of a drug overdose ... ?
Option : Steve Jones
Option : Paul Cook
Option : Johnny Rotten
Option : Sid Vicious
Answer : Sid Vicious
Question Number
In 1979 Margaret Thatcher is elected as the first female Prime Minister of the UK. What was her university degree and first job after graduating ... ?
Option : She studied Law and was a solicitor
Option : She studied accounting and was an accountant
Option : She studied History and was a politician
Option : She studied chemistry and was a chemist
Answer : She studied chemistry and was a chemist
Question Number
In 1971 the hit album Paranoid is released by ... ?
Option : Iron Maiden
Option : Status Quo
Option : Black Sabbath
Option : Saxon
Answer : Black Sabbath
Question Number
In 1978 I became the first man in history to score a century and take eight wickets in one innings of Test Match Cricket. Who am I ... ? [I-- B-----]
Answer : Ian Botham
Question Number
In July 1984 10000 Greeks protested in London against the invasion of ... ? [------]
Answer : Cyprus
Question Number
In 1976 the UK breaks diplomatic relations with which African country under the rule of Idi Amin ... ?
Option : Egypt
Option : Libya
Option : Uganda
Option : Zimbabwe
Answer : Uganda
Question Number
In 1971 the international Seabed Treaty outlawed ... ?
Option : nuclear weapons on the ocean floor
Option : deep ocean drilling in international waters
Option : fishing via deep sea net trawling
Option : all of the above
Answer : nuclear weapons on the ocean floor
Question Number
In 1976 Anita Roddick opened the first branch of which health and environmentally conscious store ... ? The ---- ---p]
Answer : The Body Shop
Question Number
1974 saw the first sale of what kitchen appliance to UK homes ... ? [---------]
Answer : Microwave

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