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UK History 1980s

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Question Number
In 1981 Joe Dolce Music Theatre had a UK number 1 hit with [Shaddap Y-- ----]
Answer : Shaddap You Face
Question Number
In February 1980 the first episode of the television series Yes Minister aired. It portrayed the political frustrations of MP [Jim H-----]
Answer : Jim Hacker
Question Number
The 1980 UK number one hit Coward Of The County was recorded by which American country music star ... ?
Option : Willie Nelson
Option : Kenny Rogers
Option : Johnny Cash
Option : Dolly Parton
Answer : Kenny Rogers
Question Number
In May 1980 the SAS stormed the embassy of which country, killing 5 terrorists and freeing all hostages.
Option : Libya
Option : Iran
Option : Cuba
Option : Ukraine
Answer : Iran
Question Number
In 1989 Muslims in Bradford protested against which book ... ? [--- ------- ------]
Answer : The Satanic Verses
Question Number
In April 1989 a disaster involving human crowd crushing resulted in 96 deaths and the conversion of many football grounds to all-seating venues. In which stadium did it take place ... ?
Option : St James Park
Option : Hillsborough
Option : Anfield
Option : Elland Road
Answer : Hillsborough
Question Number
In what year did Argentina invade the Falkland Islands ... ?
Option : 1980
Option : 1981
Option : 1982
Option : 1983
Answer : 1982
Question Number
In 1989 at what location did police arrested 250 people celebrating the summer solstice. [S---------]
Answer : Stonehenge
Question Number
In 1986 The United Kingdom and France announce plans to construct ... ?
Option : A supersonic aircraft
Option : A jointly operated Aircraft Carrier
Option : The CERN particle accelerator
Option : A tunnel under the Channe
Answer : A tunnel under the Channe
Question Number
1985s View to a Kill was the last appearance of Roger Moore as James Bond. How many Bond films did he appear in ... ?
Option : seven
Option : eight
Option : nine
Option : ten
Answer : seven

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