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UK History 1990s

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Question Number
In the 90s what was Bovine spongiform encephalopathy more commonly known as ... ?
Answer : mad cow disease
Question Number
Who had a number 1 hit with Hangin Tough in 1990 ... ?
Answer : New Kids On The Block
Question Number
Who had a UK number 1 hit with Black Or White in 1991 ... ?
Answer : Michael Jackson
Question Number
Which team became Football League champions for a record 18th time in 1990 ... ?
Option : Manchester United
Option : Liverpool
Option : Everton
Option : Tottenham Hotspur
Answer : Liverpool
Question Number
In April 1990 Stephen Hendry became the youngest ... in UK history.
Option : Army General
Option : Member of Parliament
Option : Published Author
Option : Snooker World Champion
Answer : Snooker World Champion
Question Number
Which alliterated group had a UK number 1 hit in 1999 with I Want It That Way ... ? [---------- ----]
Answer : Backstreet Boys
Question Number
I am a UK 1994 romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell. With a budget of 4 million US dollars I went on to gross over 245 million. [---- -------- --- a -------]
Answer : Four Weddings and a Funeral
Question Number
Signed by British and Irish governments in April 1998 the Belfast Agreement is also known as ... ? [The G--- F----- A--------]
Answer : The Good Friday Agreement
Question Number
In 1997 a fast food chain won a long running libel case against two environmental campaigners in what was known as the ... ?
Option : Burger Case
Option : Pizza Healing Case
Option : McLibel Case
Option : Slander with Fries Case
Answer : McLibel Case
Question Number
In 1997 the Queen and Prince Philip celebrate their ... ?
Option : 30th wedding anniversay
Option : 45th wedding anniversay
Option : 50th wedding anniversay
Option : 60th wedding anniversay
Answer : 50th wedding anniversay

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