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UK History 2000s

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Question Number
In January 2000 a painting by [-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2000_in_the_United_Kingdom------] was stolen from Oxfords Ashmolean Museum.
Answer : Cezanne
Question Number
In March 2000 Britain extradited which former South American leader even though he had been an ally during the Falklands War. [--------]
Answer : Pinochet
Question Number
In January 2000 Dr. Harold Shipman was ... ?
Option : Knighted
Option : Appointed Minister for Defence
Option : Sued for libel
Option : Sentenced to life in prison
Answer : Sentenced to life in prison
Question Number
In December 2000 British director Guy Ritchie marries which international pop superstar ... ?
Answer : Madonna
Question Number
In August 2000 The Queen Mother turned ... ?
Option : 85
Option : 90
Option : 95
Option : 100
Answer : 100
Question Number
28th of June 2005 saw a large military ceremony, involving thousands of personnel, celebrating the bicentenary of ... ?
Option : the Battle of Waterloo
Option : the Battle of Trafalgar
Option : the Battle of The Bulge
Option : the founding of the Royal Marines
Answer : the founding of the Royal Marines
Question Number
On March 1st 2006 The Senedd debating chamber is opened by the Queen. In which country is it located ... ?
Answer : Wales
Question Number
On 25th November 2005 which football great and long term alcoholic died ... ?
Answer : George Best
Question Number
In November 2008 which Brit becomes the youngest ever Formula One World Champion ... ?
Answer : Lewis Hamilton
Question Number
On 25th February 2009 Prime Ministers Question Time is suspended for the first time since 1994, this was due to ... ?
Option : The death of labor leader John Smith
Option : The death of David Camerons son
Option : Flooding in the Houses of Westminster
Option : An terrorist anthrax scare
Answer : The death of David Camerons son

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