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UK History Trivia

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Question Number
800 ex-servicemen were formed into a new force of special constables and sent to Ireland in 1920 to quell the troubles. What was their nickname ... [The ----- and T---]?
Answer : The Black and Tans
Question Number
Aboard which ship did Captain Scott sail to the Antarctic in 1901 ... ? [The D--------]
Answer : The Discovery
Question Number
According to Arthurian legend, which wizard counselled and assisted Arthur ... ?
Answer : Merlin
Question Number
Against which country did England fight the 100 years war ... ?
Answer : France
Question Number
Against which of England ... ?s monarchs was The Babington Plot organised ... ?
Answer : Elizabeth I
Question Number
At which London underground station was the fire of November 18th, 1987 which resulted in 31 deaths ... ? [----- -----]
Answer : Kings Cross
Question Number
At which Scottish Castle is there a giant cannon on display called Mons Meg ... ?
Answer : Edinburgh
Question Number
Balmoral Castle was built for which monarch ... ? [Queen --------]
Answer : Queen Victoria
Question Number
Before decimalisation, how many pennies were in a pound ... ?
Option : 80
Option : 130
Option : 240
Option : 310
Answer : 240
Question Number
Boadicea is the ancient warrior-queen of which British tribe ... ? [I----]"
Answer : Iceni

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