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UK Horse Sports

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Question Number
Country paths on which horses can be ridden are known as ... ?
Option : Bridleways
Option : Sidleways
Option : Clearways
Option : Brookways
Answer : Bridleways
Question Number
As at 2010 how many professional Horse Racing Jockeys were there in the UK ... ?
Option : none
Option : under 100
Option : 100-200
Option : 400-500
Answer : 400-500
Question Number
The highest level of Show Jumping competition is ... ?
Option : Level 1
Option : Grand Prix
Option : Royal Show
Option : Quals
Answer : Grand Prix
Question Number
The UK riding equestrian events are ... ?
Option : dressage, points, guiding and equitation
Option : dressage, jumping, points and equitation
Option : dressage, jumping, hunters and equitation
Option : dressage, eventing, hunters and equitation
Answer : dressage, eventing, hunters and equitation
Question Number
As at 2011. Queen Elizabeth II has owned the Grand National winner once and second place horse twice. True or False ... ?
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : False
Question Number
In Show Jumping an Oxer is ... ?
Option : a spread fence with three rails
Option : a wide ditch of water
Option : two vertical jumps close together
Option : a tray of water under a bar
Answer : two vertical jumps close together
Question Number
Sandown Park racecourse is located in ... ?
Option : Kent
Option : Lancashire
Option : Surrey
Option : Wiltshire
Answer : Surrey
Question Number
In showjumping a horse deciding not to proceed over a jump is known as a ... ? [-----al]
Answer : Refusal
Question Number
What form of horse racing involves ditches and was named after a church architecture ... ? [--- ------------]
Answer : The Steeplechase
Question Number
During The Grand National horses must navigate ... ?
Option : ten fences
Option : fifteen fences
Option : twenty fences
Option : thirty fences
Answer : thirty fences

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