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UK Liverpool

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Question Number
Liverpool was granted city status in... ... ?
Option : 1680
Option : 1780
Option : 1880
Option : 1980
Option : It never had been granted the status
Answer : 1880
Question Number
Allerton & Hunts Cross, Anfield, Belle Vale, Central, Clubmoor and West Derby are all what ... ?
Option : National Election Wards
Option : Local Election Wards
Option : School districts
Option : Sites of famous statues
Answer : Local Election Wards
Question Number
In the early 1800s what percentage of international trade passed through Liverpools docks ... ?
Option : 8%
Option : 27%
Option : 32%
Option : 40%
Answer : 40%
Question Number
Liverpool city is built on top of a ridge of ... ?
Option : Sandstone
Option : Mudrocks
Option : Basalt
Option : Dacite
Answer : Sandstone
Question Number
The worlds first intercity railway opened in 1830 taking passengers between Liverpool and which city ... ?
Answer : Manchester
Question Number
I was opened in 1846. I housed the first hydraulic cranes in the world and contain more grade 1 listed buildings than any other location in the UK. I am located by the water. What am I ... ?
Answer : Albert Dock
Question Number
Which of these people is not from Liverpool ... ?
Option : William Gladstone
Option : Wayne Rooney
Option : Elton John
Option : Beryl Bainbridge
Answer : Elton John
Question Number
I am a free annual music festival held in Liverpool. I attract thousands of visitors and acts from all over the world. What am I ... ? [M----- S----- M---- F-------]
Answer : Mathew Street Music Festival
Question Number
The clubhouse of the Royal Liverpool Golf Club is located in which town ... ? [H------]
Answer : Hoylake
Question Number
The Victoria Building Tower can be found where in Liverpool ... ?
Option : University of Liverpool
Option : John Moores University
Option : Anfield
Option : Goodison Park
Option : Liverpool ONE
Answer : University of Liverpool

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