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UK London Films

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Question Number
What year was My Fair Lady, starring Audrey Hepburn, released ... ?
Option : 1970
Option : 1953
Option : 1960
Option : 1964
Answer : 1964
Question Number
Which London-born star almost scored the role of Bridget in Bridget Joness Diary ... ?
Option : Helena Bonham Carter
Option : Cameron Diaz
Option : Laura Linney
Option : Denise Richards
Answer : Helena Bonham Carter
Question Number
Around what holiday does the film Love Actually, set in London, take place ... ?
Option : New Years Day
Option : Valentines Day
Option : Christmas
Option : Easter
Answer : Christmas
Question Number
The film 101 Dalmatians is based on the book written by which British author ... ?
Option : Fay Compton
Option : Dodie Smith
Option : Catherine Bronte
Option : Edna Ferber
Answer : Dodie Smith
Question Number
What famous London landmark is blown up in the movie V for Vendetta ... ?
Option : Windsor Castle
Option : The House of Parliament
Option : Blackpool Tower
Option : Buckingham Palace
Answer : The House of Parliament
Question Number
The movie Bank Job, released in 2008, is based on the famous 1971 ... ?
Option : Bank of England Robbery
Option : Train Robbery
Option : Pall Mall Robbery
Option : Baker Street Robbery
Answer : Baker Street Robbery
Question Number
Mary Poppins received how many Oscar nominations ... ?
Option : 18
Option : 13
Option : 10
Option : 7
Answer : 13
Question Number
Mentions of both Princess Diana and the designer [V------] prompted edits in production for the movie Spice World, as they were alive when the film was made but both died before its release.
Answer : Versace
Question Number
The Winchester Pub serves as a refuge from attacking zombies in which film ... ?
Answer : Shaun of the Dead
Question Number
Who directed the 2006 mystery thriller film The Prestige ... ?
Option : Christopher Nolan
Option : Chris Columbus
Option : Tim Burton
Option : Desmond Davis
Answer : Christopher Nolan

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