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UK Manchester

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Question Number
The Manchester City Council motto is Concilio et Labore. What does it mean ... ?
Option : Rise one rise all
Option : By God and honesty
Option : By wisdom and effort
Option : Together we stand
Answer : By wisdom and effort
Question Number
Which of these musical groups is not from Manchester ... ?
Option : Oasis
Option : New Order
Option : Pet Shop Boys
Option : The Smiths
Answer : Pet Shop Boys
Question Number
In July 2010 Manchester hosted ... ?
Option : World Lacrosse Championship
Option : World Snooker Championship
Option : World Darts Championship
Option : World Table Tennis Championship
Answer : World Lacrosse Championship
Question Number
I am a 47-storey residential skyscraper in Manchester city centre. Built in 2007 at a height of 168m, I am the tallest skyscraper in the UK outside London. What am I ... ? [B------ T----];
Answer : Beetham Tower
Question Number
I am an educational establishment established in 1515. I accept only males aged between 7-18. Fees for 2010-11 were 9,660 per annum. [M--------- ------- ------];
Answer : Manchester Grammar School
Question Number
Manchester hosted the Commonwealth Games in ... ?
Option : 2000
Option : 2001
Option : 2002
Option : 2003
Option : 2004
Answer : 2002
Question Number
The IATA international code for Manchester airport is ... ?
Option : MCH
Option : MR12
Option : MPN
Option : MAN
Answer : MAN
Question Number
I was designed by architect Sir Charles Barry in 1824. I contain numerous works of Thomas Gainsborough and major works of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. What am I ... ? [M--------- --t ------y];
Answer : Manchester Art Gallery
Question Number
I am a newspaper that was established in Manchester in 1821. I am unique in that I am owned by a foundation. In the 2010 election I supported the Liberal Democrats. What am I ... ? [--- --------];
Answer : The Guardian
Question Number
The name Manchester originates from the name of an old Roman fort. The name of that fort was ... ?
Option : Manicanter
Option : Mancherium
Option : Manuminster
Option : Mamucium
Answer : Mamucium

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