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UK Military History

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Question Number
The Battle of Ladysmith, Battle of Talana Hill, Battle of Colenso and Siege of Mafeking occurred during ... ?
Option : The Peninsular War
Option : The Napoleonic Wars
Option : The Crimean War
Option : The Great Boer War
Answer : The Great Boer War
Question Number
The Falklands war of 1982 was triggered by the Argentine occupation of the Falkland Islands and ... ?
Option : The Haitian Islands
Option : South Georgia
Option : The Inglis Islands
Option : Western Derp
Answer : South Georgia
Question Number
In 1982 the nuclear-powered submarine HMS Conqueror sunk the Argentine ship ... ? [B-------]
Answer : Belgrano
Question Number
Winston Churchill Served the entirety of World War I as a desk clerk in London. True or False ... ?
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : False
Question Number
Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig led the British Army in ... ?
Option : Operation Desert Fox
Option : The Kosovo War
Option : World War I
Option : World War II
Answer : World War I
Question Number
During the 1991 Gulf war the main battle tank of the British army was ... ?
Option : Leopard I
Option : Leopard IV
Option : Challenger I
Option : Challenger IV
Answer : Challenger I
Question Number
Introduced in 1979 which multirole fighter plays a major role in the airforces of Britain, Italy, Germany and Saudi Arabia. Eventually it will to be replaced by the Typhoon and F-35 Lightning II.
Option : Lightning
Option : Galaxy
Option : Strike Eagle
Option : Tornado
Answer : Tornado
Question Number
The last monarch to die in combat was ... ?
Option : Edward VI
Option : Edward V
Option : Richard III
Option : Henry VII
Answer : Richard III
Question Number
Britain declared war on Germany in ...
Option : January 1939
Option : September 1939
Option : January 1940
Option : September 1940
Answer : September 1939
Question Number
The battle of 25th October 1415 in which an English army consisting largely of English and Welsh archers defeated a significantly larger French army of mounted nobles was ... ?
Option : Battle of Agincourt
Option : Battle of Waterloo
Option : Battle of Blenheim
Option : Battle of Hastings
Answer : Battle of Agincourt

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