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UK People and History

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Question Number
A famous former film star was killed in a car crash in 1982. What was her full name ... ? [G---- -----]
Answer : Grace Kelly
Question Number
Name this female prison reformer, born in 1780, married into a Quaker family and lived in the east end of London and Norwich. [Elizabeth ---]
Answer : Elizabeth Fry
Question Number
American Dennis Tito became famous as the first WHAT in 2001 ... ? [Space -------]
Answer : Space Tourist
Question Number
This anthropologist and Explorer born in 1914, created the balsa raft Kon Tiki in which he sailed 8,000 km. [Thor H--erd---]
Answer : Thor Heyerdahl
Question Number
At what address did the murderer Christie live ... ? [10 R------ton Place]
Answer : 10 Rillington Place
Question Number
Billed as the society wedding of the decade, what are the surnames of Ben and Kate who married on September 20th 2003 ... ? [R----child and Go------h]
Answer : Rothschild and Goldsmith
Question Number
By what characters name is Paul OGrady better known ... ? [Lily ------]
Answer : Lily Savage
Question Number
Who was the first Governor of the Bank of England from 1694 to 1697. [Sir John H------]
Answer : Sir John Houblon
Question Number
For what is the Italian Michaelangelo Antonioni best known ... ? [F--- D-------]
Answer : Film Director
Question Number
Goldie Hawn was born in which decade of the 20th century ... ?
Option : 1930s
Option : 1940s
Option : 1950s
Option : 1960s
Answer : 1940s

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