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UK Plants and Trees

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Question Number
In the last half of the 20th century DED wiped out many elms in Europe and North America. What does DED stand for ... ? [D---h --m d------]
Answer : Dutch elm disease
Question Number
The Royal Oak is the tree in which ... ?
Option : James IIs spotted the French army in 1678
Option : Charles II hid from the Roundheads in 1651
Option : Royal throne timber is found
Option : All of the above
Answer : Charles II hid from the Roundheads in 1651
Question Number
The Fortingall Yew, one of the oldest trees in Britain is thought to be ... ?
Option : 600 years old
Option : 2000 years old
Option : 7000 years old
Option : 12000 years old
Answer : 2000 years old
Question Number
Is a Sessile Oak deciduous ... ? (does it lose its leaves seasonally)
Option : Yes
Option : No
Answer : Yes
Question Number
If a plant is dioecious then ... ?
Option : It retains its leaves year round
Option : It has only two root branches
Option : It absorbes water for half the year only
Option : Both male and female plants can be found
Answer : Both male and female plants can be found
Question Number
Wych, English and Smooth-Leaved are all types of ... ?
Option : Elm
Option : Beech
Option : Alders
Option : Oak
Answer : Elm
Question Number
The leaves and bark of which tree have been prescribed in ancient Egyptian writings as a cure for fever and aches ... ?
Option : Willow
Option : Pine
Option : Maple
Option : Yew
Answer : Willow
Question Number
Crataegus is more commonly known as ... ?
Option : Box or Crown Oak
Option : Wild or Bird Cherry
Option : Hawthorn or Thornapple
Option : Hornbeam or Hollie
Answer : Hawthorn or Thornapple
Question Number
What children's game is associated with the Horse Chestnut tree ... ? [C------]
Answer : conkers
Question Number
The Elderberry bush produces a berry that is ... ?
Option : Reddish Brown
Option : Green
Option : Dark Purple
Option : It doesnt produce a berry
Answer : Dark Purple

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