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UK Sheffield

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Question Number
The city of Sheffield is built on how many hills and near the confluence of how many rivers ... ?
Option : 2 hills and 4 rivers
Option : 7 hills and 3 rivers
Option : 7 hills and 5 rivers
Option : 3 hills and 4 rivers
Answer : 7 hills and 5 rivers
Question Number
The Royal Airforce base that was closed in 1996 and demolished in order to make way for the Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield was known as ... ?
Option : RAF Finningley
Option : RAF Frampton
Option : RAF Frighton
Option : RAF Fannington
Answer : RAF Finningley
Question Number
What is Sierra Yankee 99 ... ?
Option : Robin Hood Airport Call Sign
Option : Sheffield Police Helicopter
Option : WWII nickname for the Sheffield American Base
Option : Radio Designation of Sheriff of Sheffield
Answer : Sheffield Police Helicopter
Question Number
Sheffield has more what per person than any other European city ... ?
Option : Cars
Option : lakes
Option : bridges
Option : trees
Answer : trees
Question Number
I was built in 1971, seat 980 and am home to the World Snooker Championships, what am I ... ? [-------- T------]
Answer : Crucible Theatre
Question Number
The oldest pub in Sheffield is ... ? [ O-- -een--'- H---]
Answer : Old Quee's Head
Question Number
Sheffield born Charles Boot went on to found which famous British Fild studio ... ? [P------- Studios]
Answer : Pinewood Studios
Question Number
I am a thousand seat theatre built in 1897 with a traditional arch design. In 1990 I was restored and now host touring west end shows and am the ""Home of Pantomime"". What am I ... ? [------ Theatre]
Answer : Lyceum Theatre
Question Number
The population of Sheffield in 1801 was ... ?
Option : 1000
Option : 20,000
Option : 60,000
Option : 100,000
Answer : 60,000
Question Number
I am an Art Gallery opened in 2001 in the heart of Sheffield, close to the city library, Sheffield Hallam University, and the city's theatre district. [-------ium Galleries]
Answer : Millennium Galleries

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