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UK Towns

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Question Number
Which of these cricket stadiums is found in Nottingham ... ?
Option : Lords
Option : Robin Hood Stadium
Option : The Oval
Option : Trent
Answer : Trent
Question Number
In the grounds of which castle in Belfast is the seat of the Northern Ireland Assembly ... ?
Answer : Stormont
Question Number
Which of these cities is Nottingham not twinned with;
Option : Ghent
Option : Minsk
Option : Berlin
Option : Harare
Answer : Berlin
Question Number
The oldest professional football club in the world play out of Nottingham.;
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : True
Question Number
Which of these famous footballers was born in Belfast;
Option : Pele
Option : Dennis Law
Option : Jack Charlton
Option : George Best
Answer : George Best
Question Number
Leicester lies in which county ... ?
Option : Staffordshire
Option : Inventedshire
Option : Leicestershire
Option : Nottinghamshire
Answer : Leicestershire
Question Number
Which of these is not a nickname of Nottingham;
Option : Queen of the Midlands
Option : The Lace City
Option : Home of the Brave Midlanders
Answer : Home of the Brave Midlanders
Question Number
Sunderland was once part of Wales.;
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : False
Question Number
What river does Leicester sit on ... ?
Option : Soar
Option : Trent
Option : Spey
Option : Leic
Answer : Soar
Question Number
How do Nottingham post codes begin ... ?
Option : NO
Option : NG
Option : NM
Option : NT
Answer : NG

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