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UK in 1950s

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Question Number
The 1950 Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to which British philosopher [B----------- R--------]
Answer : Bertrand Russell
Question Number
Which of these successful artists did not have a number 1 hit in the 1950s ... ? ... ?
Option : Guy Mitchell
Option : Elvis Presley
Option : Frankie Laine
Option : Daniel Bedingfield
Answer : Daniel Bedingfield
Question Number
King George VI died on 6 February 1952 at Sandringham House aged ... ?. ... ?
Option : 54
Option : 72
Option : 56
Option : 70
Answer : 56
Question Number
In 1950s India severed ties with the United Kingdom and became a [r-------].
Answer : republic
Question Number
The Stone of Scone, the traditional coronation stone of Scottish monarchs, English monarchs and more recently British monarchs, was stolen from London's Westminster Abbey in 1950 by a group of four ... ?. students.
Option : Scottish
Option : Welsh
Option : Norwegian
Option : Australian
Answer : Scottish
Question Number
In November 1950, attempt to hold the Second [W---- P---- C-------] at Sheffield City Hall was thwarted by the British authorities who prevented many international delegates from entering the country.
Answer : World Peace Congress
Question Number
In the 1950s the longest duration of a single at number one was eighteen weeks achieved by Frankie Laine's ... ?..
Option : Lady Madonna
Option : I Believe
Option : Baby Come Back
Option : Mambo No. 5
Answer : I Believe
Question Number
What was abandoned on 21st February 1952 ... ?
Option : Compulsory identity cards
Option : Rationing
Option : Conscription
Answer : Compulsory identity cards
Question Number
The first National park in England and Wales established on the 28th of December 1950 ... ? ... ?
Option : Peak District
Option : Yorkshire Dales
Option : South Downs
Option : Yorkshire North
Answer : Peak District
Question Number
1954 4th of August saw the Maiden flight of the supersonic fighter plane called the ... ?..
Option : MiG-29
Option : English Electric Lightning P-1
Option : Fairey Gannet TSR.2
Option : AV-8B Harrier II
Answer : English Electric Lightning P-1

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