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USA Bridges

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Question Number
How many lanes of motorized vehicle traffic are there on the Golden Gate Bridge ... ?
Answer : 6
Question Number
The Golden Gate Bridge was opened in ... ?
Option : 1937
Option : 1946
Option : 1950
Option : 1954
Answer : 1937
Question Number
Located in New York City I was completed in 1883 and at that time was the longest suspension bridge in the world. What am I ... ? [----k--- B-----]
Answer : Brooklyn Bridge
Question Number
In 1943 the George Washington Bridge ... ?
Option : Was closed for 2 years of repairs
Option : Employed its first female toll collectors
Option : Partially collapsed in a storm
Option : Was completed
Answer : Employed its first female toll collectors
Question Number
In which state is the Haleiwa Bridge ... ?
Answer : Hawaii
Question Number
The five main types of bridges are ... ? [B--m, T---s, A---, S---------, -----lever]
Answer : Beam, Truss, Arch, Suspension, Cantilever
Question Number
The George Washington Bridge is considered the worlds busiest. How many vehicle crossings occur per year ... ?
Option : 6 million
Option : 106 million
Option : 303 million
Option : 800 million
Answer : 106 million
Question Number
Lake Pontchartrain, the largest bridge in the USA is ... ?
Option : 9,042 feet
Option : 29,344 feet
Option : 80,738 feet
Option : 126,024 feet
Answer : 126,024 feet
Question Number
The famous nub steel and concrete Sunshine Skyway Bridge has been involved in numerous tragic accidents. In which state is the bridge located ... ?
Answer : Florida
Question Number
Cantilever bridges are the most common type of bridges found in the USA. True or False ... ?
Option : True
Option : False
Answer : False

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