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USA California History

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Question Number
The first European to explore the California coast was of what nationality ... ?
Option : Spain
Option : Portugal
Option : Italy
Option : France
Answer : Portugal
Question Number
Many gold-seekers arriving in California during the gold rush period were called "forty-niners", a reference to what ... ?
Option : The price of gold at the time, $49 per ounce
Option : The year 1849
Option : The cost of a basic prospector's kit, $1.49
Option : The tax charged by the California state legis
Answer : The year 1849
Question Number
In what year was California admitted to the United States of America ... ?
Option : 1789
Option : 1821
Option : 1850
Option : 1901
Answer : 1850
Question Number
One popular theory about the origin of the name "California" is that it was taken from a popular 16th century romance novel. In the novel, to what was the name applied ... ?
Option : The heroine was named California Delgada
Option : The hero was named Rodrigo de California
Option : It was the name of an estate in Spain
Option : It was the name of a mythical island populate
Answer : It was the name of a mythical island populate
Question Number
During the Spanish colonial period, California was divided into two parts as provinces of "New Spain" - Baja California, or lower California, and a second part named what ... ? [A--- C---------]
Answer : Alta California
Question Number
Where were the first mission and the first presidio (fort) established in California ... ?
Option : San Diego
Option : Santa Barbara
Option : Monterey
Option : San Francisco
Answer : San Diego
Question Number
The California gold rush began when gold was found where ... ?
Option : San Juan Capistrano
Option : Monterey Bay
Option : Yosemite Valley
Option : Sutter's Mill
Answer : Sutter's Mill
Question Number
To what mission do large flocks of American Cliff Swallows famously return to nest every spring ... ?
Option : San Luis Rey de Francia
Option : San Juan Bautista
Option : San Juan Capistrano
Option : San Francisco de Asis
Answer : San Juan Capistrano
Question Number
When John Sutter established Sutter's Fort, what did he call the place ... ? [N-- H-------}
Answer : New Helvetia
Question Number
What Southern California tourist attraction opened to the public on July 18, 1955 ... ?
Option : Disneyland
Option : Sea World
Option : the Santa Monica Pier
Option : Fisherman's Wharf
Answer : Disneyland

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