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USA Hawaii History

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Question Number
Which of the following is not one of the main Hawaiian islands ... ?
Option : Kaho'olawe
Option : Ni'ihau
Option : O'ahu
Option : Ka'ala
Answer : Ka'ala
Question Number
On December 7, 1941, what event occurred ... ?
Option : Hawaii was annexed into the United States
Option : Mauna Loa erupted
Option : Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Empire of Ja
Option : Queen Lili'uokalani died without heirs
Answer : Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Empire of Ja
Question Number
How many people were wounded or killed during the 1893 overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom ... ?
Option : Over 10,000
Option : 5, 432
Option : 236
Option : 1
Answer : 1
Question Number
Captain James Cook found the Hawaiian islands in 1778. What did he name them ... ? [The S------- Islands ]
Answer : The Sandwich Islands
Question Number
When was Hawaii admitted to the USA as a state ... ?
Option : 1810
Option : 1898
Option : 1941
Option : 1959
Answer : 1959
Question Number
The islands were united under a single ruler for the first time in 1810. Who was that ruler ... ?
Option : The US President
Option : King Kamehameha I
Option : Queen Lili'uokalani
Option : Lilo Pelekai
Answer : King Kamehameha I
Question Number
The ancient Hawaiian code of conduct and regulation known as "kapu" was abolished in 1819, when what occurred ... ?
Option : The Governor signed a law abolishing it
Option : King Kamehameha II shared a meal of forbidden
Option : King Kamehameha proclaimed the code abolished
Option : A series of island-wide votes were taken, wit
Answer : King Kamehameha II shared a meal of forbidden
Question Number
What is the only royal palace in the United States used as an official residence by a reigning monarch ... ? ['I----- P-----]
Answer : 'Iolani Palace
Question Number
What is the only island where Hawaiian is spoken as a primary language ... ?
Option : Kaua'i
Option : Lana'i
Option : Moloka'i
Option : Ni'ihau
Answer : Ni'ihau
Question Number
The 1887 Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii is also known as what ... ? [The B------ Constitution]
Answer : The Bayonet Constitution

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