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USA History

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Question Number
America's victory in which battle led to France joining the War of Independence ... ? [S-------]
Answer : Saratoga
Question Number
Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic solo for the first time in 1927. What was the name of his plane ... ? [S----- of St -----]
Answer : Spirit of St Louis
Question Number
How was the Volstead Act of 1919 better known ... ? [-----------]
Answer : Prohibition
Question Number
In April of this year, Timothy McVeigh and one of his accomplices, Terry Nichols, set off a bomb on mainland America - in which city ... ?
Answer : Oklahoma
Question Number
In the American Civil War, which battle is usually seen as the turning point in the fortunes of the Confederacy ... ? [----------]
Answer : Gettysburg
Question Number
In the USA the TVA was set up in 1933. What does TVA stand for ... ? [T-------- V----- A--------]
Answer : Tennessee Valley Authority
Question Number
In which city was John F Kennedy assassinated ... ?
Answer : Dallas
Question Number
In which state of the USA is Waco, the scene of an armed siege in 1993 ... ?
Answer : Texas
Question Number
In which year was the American Declaration of Independence adopted by the Continental Congress ... ?
Answer : 1776
Question Number
Iraqi forces occupied what they claimed to be part of their own territory triggering the first Gulf War. What was the name of the country they invaded ... ?
Answer : Kuwait

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